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Hypocrites get their own holiday

After watching the events of this past Tuesday, I have come to the conclusion that March 10 should henceforth be known as National Hypocrites and Hucksters Day.

By the reactions across the news that morning, one would have thought Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican senators had hacked our nuclear launch codes and were preparing to send the climate into permanent nuclear winter.

Instead, all he had actually done was post to his website an open letter to the Iranian regime regarding our Constitution’s “advise and consent” clause.

The condemnation from the “how dare they” crowd was fierce, and in no time, the “traitor” label was launched.

A petition was started on the White House website demanding the senators be prosecuted, the hashtag #47traitors went white hot on Twitter and one Democrat after another could not find a microphone fast enough to display their displeasure. And through it all, not one of those hyperventilating hypocrites bothered to see the steaming pile of bovine excrement they were standing in. In 1970, private citizen John Kerry had no problem meeting with representatives of the Viet Cong and by the 1980s graduated to meeting with Nicaraguan communist dictator Daniel Ortega. In 1987, then House Speaker Jim Wright even brought Ortega to U.S. soil to more personally attack President Ronald Reagan.

In 1983, Ted Kennedy used emissaries to secretly approach the Soviet Union in undermining the Reagan foreign policy of the time to help him run against the president in the 1984 election.

Sen. Dick Durbin is on record comparing Americans to “Nazis and Soviets in their gulags” regarding Guantanamo Bay, while his cohort in anti-Americanism, Harry Reid, was so set on undermining George Bush’s Iraq surge in 2007 that he publicly declared “this war is lost” while American personnel were dying on the battlefield.

Nancy Pelosi’s disrespect ran so deep that she ignored Bush’s foreign policy desire to isolate Syrian dictator Bassar al-Assad and went to Damascus in 2007 for one-on-one talks.

And yet Tom Cotton and the signers of one letter are traitors?

Conveniently ignored in all the name calling is the fact that had President Barack Obama not chosen to bypass Congress and the Constitution yet again, the Cotton letter would have never been written in the first place.

By Tuesday afternoon, the hypocrisy was in full view when Hillary Clinton opened her press conference accusing Cotton and crew of either “trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander in chief,” ignoring that in 2007 her “I applaud Speaker Pelosi” put her firmly in the supporting Congress’ role in foreign policy camp.

And with that, the presser transitioned into its stated purpose of addressing why Clinton ignored the Obama administration directive to use government email for official business and instead chose a private server in her home.

She started with the excuse that she only went private for the “convenience” of having only one phone and then spent the next 20 minutes with the usual “I decided, I’ve complied with all laws, I’ve gone above and beyond” Clinton deflections that have worked so well for her in past scandals.

She also made it clear that the “server will remain private” and would not be made available for independent outside review.

It was professional huckstering at the most proficient of levels.

By the end, it all boiled down to one thing: The woman who wanted Richard Nixon impeached from 18 1/2 minutes of missing tape, expected the American people to now just “trust her” over 30,000 deleted emails.

Happy 2015 National Day of Hypocrites and Hucksters America. Next year has got its work cut out for it if it plans to top this one.

GEOFF CALDWELL lives in Joplin. He writes about national and international politics.


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